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Christmas 2015

Designing Your Perfect Kitchen


by Jon Gunson, Architect

The history of kitchens over the last two thousand years has almost come full circle. In ancient times, the focus of survival was shelter and food. The cave or primitive hut provided both functions in one space which was used for living, sleeping, and eating. This was all gathered around an open fire that cooked the food and warmed the room.

As civilization progressed over hundreds of years, the cooking area became no longer the focal point of the home but rather a secondary space, in a cramped corner of the house. The mother, or perhaps Read More...

Colorado Summit magazine’s featured home for Winter/Spring 2015

Cavins Residence

We are honored to have one of our clients’ homes featured in Colorado Summit magazine for their winter/spring issue. The Cavins Residence was recently completed and sits on a truly magnificent property next to the Blue River. Working with Mr. and Mrs. Cavins on their dream home was a total pleasure and we are thrilled with the final result.

View the article here: Colorado Summit, Winter/Spring 2015

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We wish you a merry holiday season and happy New Year!

CHRISTMAS-2014

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