Our Happy Clients:

“Jon is both creative and collaborative and was a delight to work with in constructing buildings for a non-profit environmental center that we founded. Visitors to the center always comment on the quality of the design and the attention to detail. The format he uses for the bidding process made everything work smoothly. He also solved a variety of infrastructure issues that we faced on property in addition to navigating the permitting process. We would highly recommend Jon.”  -A.T.H.

“We want to thank you for creating such a beautiful, unique, and comfortable home for us to enjoy.”  -D.S.S.

“Jim and I would like to thank you for all the creative efforts that have gone into our home design. A difficult lot, and you have masterfully sited the home and beautifully detailed the exterior.” -J.E.C.

“We thought we understood the plans but every day we spend in our new home, we discover another special feature or view. To say that we appreciate your work (and genius) is an understatement.”  -M.A.R.

“We really enjoyed working with you, and are especially pleased with the result. When we started this project, we never imagined a home so breathtaking! This obviously couldn’t have happened without your incredible talent and tireless efforts. Your vision, experience, and attention to detail are unparalleled. Thank you so much for all you poured into this project!”  -A.P.G.

“Jon Gunson designed our home in the Colorado High Country and supervised its construction. The home has proven to be the most enjoyable and rewarding investment we have ever made. Jon’s superb design gives us a home perfectly suited to the active, outdoor, Colorado lifestyle for our multi-generational family. Rare is the time when visitors don’t compliment the beauty of Jon’s creation.”  -J.L.D.

“Your control of project quality and interface with the contractor prevented a lot of problems and made everything go more smoothly than we had ever expected.”  -T.S.G.

“Thank you for designing our incredible new home. It fits our lifestyle perfectly and is everything we dreamed it would be, and more!”  -J.T.S.

“Yes it’s beautiful, but the best thing about our home is that everyone who visits us hates to leave. We can’t blame them because we feel the same way.”  -S.K.C.

“All of our needs were met through your creativity and your ability to listen to our ideas and dreams. This is what makes it personalized just for us. It makes it our home.”  -S.J.S.

“We deeply appreciate your patience, hard work, and insight in designing our wonderful home. Without you, we never would have had the courage to undertake the project and would have missed out on a lot of excitement and fun.”  -Q.S.H.

“We just want to express to you how much we love so many things about our home, from the floor plan, to the quality, to the many many little items that you put into our house. We just want to let you know how much we appreciate our home and want to thank you for making it so special.” -R.D.B.

“We want to tell you how much we love the home you designed for us. Not only is it beautiful, it is also livable and functional. It is an incredible home and we would not want to change it in any way.”  -B.K.O.

“As I look down the river, while watching football on TV, in front of a roaring fire, I think of you. I cannot tell you how much Lynn and I are enjoying the cabin you designed for us at Elk Creek Ranch. Perfect in every way.”  -M.L.H.

“You have shown that you are uniquely qualified to work with families like ours to design the ideal home. Your process encourages a flow of good, fresh ideas and seeks creative solutions to our special requirements.”  -H.N.W.

“After listening to us, you were able to combine all of our needs into the perfect home for our family.”  -J.J.P.

“We want to thank you for the great job you did creating and designing such a beautiful log cabin for us at Elk Creek Ranch. You did an outstanding job from start to finish. We look forward to spending many happy times there.”  -B.L.F.

“We really enjoyed seeing you this weekend. It was nice to catch up on each others events. The building experience at Shock Hill has truly been an adventure. One of the most cherished parts of the build has been working with you. We hope to stay in touch.”  -M.B.G.